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Why AI content creation tools?

Why AI content creation tools?

With the advance of AI, humans and machines are likely to have a much closer relationship in the next few decades. This will bring (and has already brought) us more convenience, but with this come more challenges.

AI will improve – it’s getting better and more intelligent everyday. However, we are a long long way from AI completely taking over human creativity.

Nuance, emotion, humor, objectivity, subjectivity, love, anger; there’s a long list of human characteristics that AI can attempt, but is as yet unable to perfect.

This is why AI will always need a human touch.

Having said this there are a lot of areas where AI content creation tools are being used for some of the heavy lifting:

Create content 10x faster: Because AI can help out with the heavy lifting of idea creation, generating subject headlines, article outlines, meta descriptions, ads, social media posts, etc, etc; content creators are able to make first drafts in minutes.
SEO Optimisation: There’s no point in a content marketing strategy if no one can find you. Content creators are using sophisticated AI algorithms to create content that is optimized for search.
Brainstorming: idea creation, blog outlines, talking points - because AI is objective, it is great for generating ideas you otherwise might not have thought of.
Consistency: AI can replicate your tone of voice and your company's values when generating content - ensuring a consistent tone of voice across all distribution channels

These are the areas where AI writers do best. Assisting the pro’s with the menial tasks, so that they can spend more time being creative, and hit their content creation goals faster.

Happy writing 🤖

Updated on: 05/12/2022

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