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What is the difference between Mark and other AI creation tools?

What is the difference between Mark and other AI creation tools?

Comparing Mark to other AI content creation tools, you’re going to see a few similarities. Most are web applications offering high-powered AI copywriting and content generation tools, based on the GPT-3 natural language model.

Some even have a similar ethos when it comes to the part that AI can play in content creation. Whilst many competitors in the AI writing space claim to do all of the writing for you, Mark believes that the role for AI is as an assistant to the writer. Making it easier to be creative, and productive.

Whilst this post would be far too long if we went through all of the differences from the other tools in our space, let’s highlight some of the most important ones:

SEO first mindset: SEO and Plagiarism features are built in - reflecting our SEO first approach to content creation.
Rocket mode: With Rocket mode, we can create engaging, compelling content at scale, without compromising on quality or consistency. Hitting creation goals 10x faster.
Enterprise ready: With custom templates, custom tone creation, and API access available; Mark is ready to scale with you.
Native content creation: Mark has been trained by native speaking copywriters in 6 languages. So nothing is lost in translation as can be the case with Google Translate and DeepL.
Team Collaboration: Collaborate with your team across departments, wherever they are.

Let us know if you would like a comparison guide for a particular company - we’re more than happy to highlight some of the areas worth considering when comparing us to others, depending on your use case.

Happy writing 🤖

Updated on: 05/12/2022

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