Money-back guarantee

⚠️ This guarantee can only be applied to subscriptions with monthly billing. Quarterly and annual billings are not illegible for full refund.

The conditions to obtain a full refund are:

Your subscription is tied to a monthly billing

Refund request is sent no more than 7 days after the end date of your free trial.

You did not use all the options included in your free trial:

40 runs and 8,000 words generated with the writing assistant

10 plagiarism scans

20 keywords lookup

If any of these questions are not fulfilled, we will study your case independently.

If the money-back guarantee does not apply

Refund requests can be accepted for the following reasons

the app is not working properly

you have not used the product

It can lead either to partial refund or full refund.

How to send a refund request ?

On the chat inside the app

Send an email:

We will respond to your request within 24 hours.
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