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Navigating your workspace

Navigating your workspace

Here we'll guide you around your workspace:

Your workspace - this is where you will have your work space (if collaborating with colleagues), as well as your own personal workspace. Click the drop down arrow to switch between the two
Dashboard - this is where you start your day, and have a full overview of what you and the team have been working on recently
Favourite Templates - self explanatory this one - these are the most used templates in your workspace :)
Templates - this is our template library, where all good writing starts. Pick a template, and start entering prompts to start generating content
Rocket Mode - our latest and greatest product Rocket Mode. For our full guide on creating articles with Rocket mode, check out our article
Documents - this is where your team folders, documents, and favourites are stored.
Settings - here you can adjust your personal settings, languages, check team usage, invite team members, manage your workspace, manage your subscription, and invoices.
Help - this takes you to our support centre
Join Community - join our Discord community!
Popular Templates - the most popular templates used by your team
Templates in Beta - templates currently in beta
Recent Documents - documents the team have been working on
Favourited Document - the small star indicates a document that appears in your favourites. Find all your favourites in the Documents section
Document being edited - the small blue icon indicates a document is being edited by someone on the team. Hover over this icon to see who.
Chat with support - our very own chat!

Updated on: 08/12/2022

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