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How to invite your team members

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Seamless collaboration is more important than ever. To support this, you can now invite your team members to create and collaborate inside your Mark Copy AI workspace.

In this article, we will cover:

How to create a team when registering your workspace
How to invite your team from your account
Best practices in organizing your collaborative workspace

Create a team upon registration

You can create a workspace for your team as soon as you create an account on Mark. The first step is to choose the "For my team" workspace when you register (register here)

Then, add the email addresses of your team members to send them a unique invitation link.

Remember with our Starter plan your workspace can hold up to 3 team members, and with our Pro plan your workspace can hold up to 5.

If you require more team members, you can upgrade from Starter to Pro at any time, or alternatively you can add more team members.

If the member already has an account on Mark, they will be automatically connected to the joint account.

If the member does not yet have an account on Mark, they will receive an email with your workspace invitation. When they create an account, they will automatically join your workspace as well.

You can now enter the app with your team 🥳

You can manage the common workspace in the “Settings” section and the “Team” tab (invite other members, delete them or change the name of your team for example). It is possible to create several workspaces with different teams. This is very useful if you are a large structure and you have several teams to create content.

Bonus: each person having a workspace with their team also has their individual workspace 🤗

Invite your team from your account and create a common workspace

If you already have an account on Mark and want to invite members:

Go to the Settings section on the left hand navigation bar
Click on the “Workspace” tab near the top of the screen
Add team members email addresses to send them an invite link
You can add more team members later if needed - if you would like to add more than 5 team members, please let us know :)

Organize your content in the common workspace

Once your team workspace is created, you can start collaborating instantly! 🥳

From here it's easy to start organizing content with your team. Once you have generated text with Mark, you can select a corresponding folder to keep your content related to a team, project, whatever you like. Create new folders by clicking the Plus icon in the top right corner from the Documents section.

Now your team will have access to all files and can collaborate and manage documents as they are being created 🚀

Updated on: 28/11/2022

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