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Email Templates

Email Templates

Use Mark to generate ideas for cold email outreach, follow - up emails, thank you emails, and newsletter emails; in minutes. Using just a few prompts.

To start with, head on over to the template section inside the Mark App, and click on "Email". It should look something like this:

Email outreach

Starting with Email outreach - use this template to start generate cold email outreach ideas. Enter the lead name, lead company name, the assumed need that the company/persona has (that your product solves), as well as a description of your company or value proposition (to help with the assumed need). Check out the example below:

From here, people typically import these ideas into their CRM, and tweak the content to make it their own.

###Follow Up Email

Use this template to create effective follow up emails. Select the reason for following up (default will be that the recipient has not replied to your email), then provide context as to wha you are following up. Check out the example below:

Thank You Email

Use this template to craft a thank you email for any situation. Prompts required are the recipients name, and the reason why you are thankful. Check out the example below:

Newsletter Emails

Use this template to write catchy newsletter emails to engage your audience. Start by entering the goal of the email, as well as the key points to mention across the email.

From here you can expand the text directly inside Mark if you wish, or save them for later. Let's take this result and add a couple of lines, format the text, and use the write more button to finish this first draft in no time. 🚀

Pro tip: if the generations aren't perfect first time, don't hesitate to regenerate. Add or remove descriptions or adjectives to play around with the results.

From here you are ready to edit the details inside Mark, or save them for a later 🚀

Remember to rename your documents, in case you want to easily find these ideas at a later date.

Happy writing! 🤖

Updated on: 13/12/2022

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