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Creating Rocket Mode LinkedIn posts with Mark

Creating Rocket Mode LinkedIn posts with Mark

With approximately 850 million users, there is only one name when it comes to professional social networking.

However, not enough people know how to leverage LinkedIn:

It’s hard to know what to talk about
It’s hard to know what the right strategy is
It’s hard to make content creation routine
It’s easy to give up after not seeing immediate results

This is why we created our Rocket Mode LinkedIn Creator - to co-create first drafts of LinkedIn posts with best practices in mind in minutes.

Step 1: Enter Brief

Instructions - this is where we input our ideas for a post. Remember to add more instructions, and add your opinion if you can.

Eg: short form and long form content need to co-exist

Tone of voice - setting the overall tone of the post from start to finish. You can of course tweak the tone once we get to the review stage as well 😊
Goal - Inserting the goal of your post, helps guide the AI towards your desired outcome. Example: a giveaway is likely to end with a call to action, whereas sharing tips/value is more of a thought leadership piece. Both will read slightly differently.

Step 2: Keep 'em hooked!

You have between 1.7 seconds (on mobile) and 2.5 seconds (on desktop) to get your audiences’ attention.

This hook is going to form the first sentence(s) of your post, above the line break.

Step 3: Preview and post!

Taking the information from Step 1, and the all important hook from Step 2, Mark will start generating the rest of your post.

*note: the line breaks are different for mobile and desktop users, so be sure to keep both in mind when perfecting your hook.

And you’re set!! 🎉

This is how we can create a first draft in no time – leaving you as the subject matter expert to decide what to leave in and what to remove, and add your (or your companies) point of view.

Happy writing! 🤖

Updated on: 01/02/2023

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