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Creating Rocket Mode articles with Mark

How to create a full article post with Rocket Mode Article Creator

Creating a full blog post can be a time consuming exercise. Research, creating your structure, optimising your content for SEO, adding images, backlinks, internal links; there are so many pieces of the puzzle that can make the creation of an article post a painstakingly slow process.

A less experienced person can easily spend 5-6 hours on a 1,000-word blog post

In this article we'll explain how Rocket Mode Article Creator can create a full blog post in minutes.

Step 1: Choose your topic and tone of voice

The topic in this case is the title of your article. Though if you need help with ideas for an article, or if you need help creating your attention grabbing titles, we have you covered there too. The tone is going to set the overall tone of the article, including the outline, talking points, and paragraphs.

You can of course change the tone per paragraph if you wish, once we get to the Full Blog Editor, which you are taken to automatically once Rocket Mode has been completed 😊

Step 2: Configure your SEO

Based on the title of your article, Mark will generate suggestions for keywords to include. The recommendations will show you the keyword Average Search Volume, Trend, and competition for those keywords. See more on how to do keyword research for SEO with Mark here.

Step 3: Generate your outline and brief

Now that we have our title, tone, and keywords, MarkCopy will generate ideas for blog outlines and an introduction for you to adjust later if you need to. This is also the stage where talking points are generated and adjusted. Talking points are your guidelines for Mark, to help steer the AI in the direction you want the article to go in.

Remember if the outlines aren't quite what you are looking for, don't hesitate to regenerate!

For more information on how to guide AI in the right direction, check out our tutorial guide on how to write text inputs for AI to get the best results 🤖

Step 4: Review your first draft

This is where you can edit, rewrite, or modify your SEO optimised article before being taken to our Full Blog Editor, to turn your first draft into the next piece of your content marketing puzzle. Check out our Tutorial Series to learn more about how to navigate the Full Blog Post, and create SEO optimised articles, using Mark.

This is how we can create a first draft in no time - leaving you as the product expert to decide what to leave in and what to leave out. Adding your own unique perspective, references, and tweaking the content to match your tone of voice as you go 🚀

Get started with our Rocket Mode Article Creator (exclusive to Starter and Pro users) and create your next article at no time!

Updated on: 30/11/2022

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