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Creating Blog Post Topic Ideas

Creating Blog Post Topic Ideas

Where do ideas come from? How about inspiration?

The 'eureka' moment (immortalized by the one and only Einstein) is an interesting one because it can happen at any time, and to anyone. It's the sudden realization of how to accomplish something – the culmination of a process that began with a spark of inspiration. It can be the result of continuous effort, or a flash of divine inspiration.

But in a world where there is so much content available, and the blank screen can challenge content creators like never before, we have to ask the question:

Where do ideas come from?

We might not have a definitive answer to this question yet, but we do know that idea creation is an area where AI can help.

In this article, we will show you how you can create the blueprints for great blog post ideas using Mark Copy AI

First things first - head on over to Mark Copy AI.

On the template section of the dashboard, you’ll find plenty of different writing templates depending on the kind of content you want to create.

Go ahead and click on the “Blog Idea” template. It should look something like this 👇🏼

Next, give the tool some direction to start generating ideas for your blog post

Here, there are a few boxes we can fill out to get the best AI generation out of MarkCopy AI:

Most importantly, you’ll need to fill the topic section with as much context as possible. You have a range between 10 and 100 characters to help guide the AI in the right direction.

In general the more information we are able to provide, the more specific the outputs are going to be. This is a Goldilocks situation though. Not enough information and the ideas created could be too vague. Too much information and the parameters AI is able to index become too narrow.

Check if the input and output language are the right ones. You can even write the input in one language, and get output in another language. Creating high-quality first drafts quickly. Very useful for an international website!

Don’t forget to name your document, so you can easily find it. As your company grows, your content library will likely grow with it. Mark Copy AI can help out here by storing and collaborating on the documents you have created in one place.

So being organized from the beginning is essential 😉

If you need a hand knowing what inputs to insert, click on the See Example button to learn more.

Now you’re all set to find a start generating fresh ideas!

Choose the most relevant ideas for you

In this example, the topic I wanted to write something about was on digital nomad life. Something very close to everyone at Mark Copy AI’s heart ❤️

So, I threw in the following input: “My life as a digital nomad”.

From this Mark has a basic idea of what I want to write about, and from this, created several different blog topic ideas that I could write about.

Now we have the starting point of many ideas, ready for you to add your own perspective to it!

From here, pick one that stands out to you the most, generate more ideas, or save all the topics Mark gave you for later.

And if you need more details about a particular blog topic idea, simply ask. The AI will offer guidance about where this idea could potentially lead to. I picked the topic that excited me the most, and clicked on the “generate more” button. Instantly, Mark threw out ideas about where this particular topic could take me.

Check it out below:

Considering I’m currently writing this from a co-working space in Cape Town, this topic is pretty on point.

Now that we have our ideas to get the creative juices flowing, we’re ready to create that attention grabbing headline, and we’re one step closer to creating our next SEO optimised blog article for your audience!

Happy writing! 🤖

Updated on: 12/12/2022

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