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Content Rewrite

Content Rewrite

With our Content Rewrite workflow, you'll be able to update or refresh existing content in no time - perfect for simplifying language, targeting a different keyword, or repurposing content. Simply drop in the URL and let Mark do the heavy lifting.

In this article, we'll walk you through the different steps of this workflow.

Step 1: head over to the Workflows section on the Mark app.

It should look something like this:

Step 2: import existing content.

You have two options to import content, either via URL, or by copying and pasting content into the text box. In this example we'll use the URL.

Step 3: Enter a prompt.

This prompt can be anything you like:

Rewrite this text in simplified language
Rewrite this text targeting keywords x, y, and z
Rewrite this text in a very different way
Rewrite this text replacing the word client with the word customer

Note: the more specific your instructions, the more likely the output will be what you were looking for.

That's it!

For this example I used the prompt "Rewrite a shorter version of this article making it easy for a 10 year old to understand", and got the following results:

It took the word count from 2009, down to 378 words (making it quite a bit shorter), and used much simpler language making readability a lot easier.

You'll notice across the top of the screen a few different bars:

Text comparison: how similar your text is to the original text. This is less important in this example as we are shortening our own content, but could be more important if you were entering a competitors article and asking Mark to rewrite it.
Originality: this is running a plagiarism scan, to double check that your content isn't replicated anywhere. In the original example there are quotes used which affect the originality score. We partner with plagiarism leaders Copyscape to guarantee content generated by Mark is original.
Natural Language: this metric measures how natural your language sounds. This is becoming increasingly important to ensure content isn't flagged by search engine algorithms. For this service we partner with AI detection software by

From here, take your text over to our AI Writer, ready to tweak further and optimize for SEO!

Happy writing 🤖

Updated on: 24/05/2023

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