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Bulk Rewrite: automatically create variants from a CSV file

Bulk Rewrite Workflow

With the Bulk Rewrite workflow, you can quickly generate thousands of high quality and unique pieces of content in minutes! Perfect for creating product variants, testing ad copy, or even creating metadata in bulk - instantly.

All you need to do is upload a CSV file, give a few instructions and export your variants! 🚀

In this article, we'll first talk about the structure of your CSV file and then go through the different steps of the workflow.

How to structure my CSV file ?

We've created an example just for you 👉 view it here

The required structure is fairly simple:

it should contain a single column
each row is a piece of content that will be used to create variants

.. and that's about it! 🙌

It does not matter if the file contains a header row or not, neither the name of the Column.

Visually it should look like this:

My header (optional)
First piece of content
Second piece of content
and so on ...

Step 1: Import your CSV

Before that, you should select the number of variants to be generated. If you select 2, two columns will be automatically appended to your CSV file on the last step.

number of variants

Then click on the button "**Upload my CSV file**".

The process is split in 4 steps:

Step 1 - we're just showing you the required column in your CSV file, you can skip it.

upload csv - step 1

Step 2 - Select or drop your CSV file

Once you have uploaded your file, you will see a preview of your file.

If you have a header (the first row corresponds to the name of the column), make sure to use the switch at the top of the window.

upload CSV file - no header

In this example there is a header ("Content") so we need to use the switch:

upload CSV - header

If parts of your content such as accents are not well imported (appear as random characters) then you need to update the encoding from ASCII to UTF-8.

update encoding

Step 3 - Select the column containing your original content

This is the column that includes your content to be used for creating variants.

original content column

Step 4 - Your content is ready to go!

Click on the "close" button and you'll be redirected to the AI brief.

Step 2: Give some instructions

The instructions field is optional but helps to guide the AI on how to rewrite your content.

How to write my instructions ?

Explain your intentions for this content (what is going to be used for, who is it meant for, what should it contain).
It's not necessary to ask the AI to rewrite your content: We have trained an AI model to create a variants from an existing piece of content.

Some very effective examples:

Mention a goal (e.g. "The content should make people want to buy my product")
Mention an audience type (e.g. "This content targets teenagers and young adults")
Include a list of words (e.g. "The content should include the following words: baguette, croissant")

Step 3: Export your variants

export variants

In most cases, your CSV file will be available instantly. However if you have many variants or many rows on your CSV file, it won't be ready before a few minutes. No worries! You can still continue to create content on Mark, you'll receive a link via email to download your file when it's ready! 🙌

Happy writing 🤖

Updated on: 23/05/2023

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