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Branding Templates

Branding Templates

So you've got the idea for your company, but how about the branding? Use Mark to generate brand name ideas, your brand motto (values), value proposition, and headlines / hero text; in minutes. Using a few prompts.

To start with, head on over to the template section inside the Mark App, and click on "Branding". It should look something like this:

Brand Name Generator

This template is used if you are looking to generate ideas for your Brand Name. Inside this template, fill out as much information as you can to describe your company. Think about adjectives to describe the product, who it is intended for, why people love it, etc.

In this example I used Mark's name, as I wanted the name Mark to appear in the search results 🤖

Mark's Marvellous Marmalade has a nice ring to it, so let's use that for the rest of our branding.

Motto generator

With similar prompts that we used for the Brand Name Generator, we are able to generate motto ideas for your newly named company. The outputs looked like this:

Value Proposition

Using the same prompts that we used for the Motto Generator, we are able to catchy one line value propositions. In this example we created one value proposition (marmalade has very specific use cases after all), but you can use this generator to create endless value propositions. Our outputs looked like this:


Combining the Brand name, as well as a brief product description, we're able to easily create engaging headlines / hero text for your landing pages.

Pro tip: if the generations aren't perfect first time, don't hesitate to regenerate. Add or remove descriptions or adjectives to play around with the results.

From here you are ready to edit the details inside Mark, or save them for a later 🚀

Remember to rename your documents, in case you want to easily find these ideas at a later date.

Happy writing! 🤖

Updated on: 13/12/2022

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